Sunday, May 30, 2010

Comeback against Gunners falls short

One of these days Gold Coast FC will figure out a way grab a win over the CD Gunners. This time the club was put in a hole and was forced to climb out of it. With the efforts of players like Justin Braun and Brian Ching it looked as if a point could be salvaged. In the end it was not enough and the result was another loss to them.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ching ready, Beckerman not ready, and a rematch with the Gunners

The mood all week has been great since winning over Union SC. Then on Wednesday it was released that Brian Ching will not be going to South Africa. (stupid Bradley) and rejoining Gold Coast FC. "We are pleased to have Ching back so soon but you have to wonder how someone like Findley makes the cut instead of Ching" said a Sun's spokesperson. On to the match at hand, The Suns will play the CD Gunners for the first time since a 2-1 defeat. It was a major setback for the club and one that hopefully will not come back and haunt the club at the end of the year. One noteable absense from the line up is Kyle Beckerman who did not practice all week with the club. Starters: Ching, Oduro, Braun, Alonso, McCarty, Magee, Jewsbury, Jankauskas, Onstad-GK. Subs: Nyassi, Galindo, Sealy. Reserves: Beckerman, Levesque.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Braun puts the Suns over the top

Its always nice to win. It is even better when a Gold Coast win comes against Union S.C. In a back and forth match, the game winner came from Justin Braun. This is the 2nd game winner that Justin has made for the club and it was a beauty. The win put Gold Coast level again. "We are pleased to be in the thick of things, but now have to find a way to get over the hump and go on a winning streak." said a Suns spokesperson. Also scoring goals for the club was Oduro and Magee.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ready to rumble

The hours are drawing near towards the next match of the season and the next installment of the California Cup. "This should be a great match and hopefully we do enough to pull out the win. Its always exciting to face Union SC." said a Suns spokesperson.

The lineup for the club is as follows. Starters: Alonso, Oduro, Beckerman, McCarty, Magee, Braun, Jewsbury, Jankauskas, Onstad-GK. Subs: Nyassi, Galindo, Sealy. Reserves: Ching, Levesque.

Monday, May 17, 2010

California Cup part deux

The best rivalry in the BSL will continue when Gold Coast FC and Union SC play one another next. Both clubs are coming off bad losses and could use the win. Right now Union SC is in third place and is holding the last playoff position. "They are where we want to be. So there is added value to our desire to defeat them" said a Suns spokesperson. In the last California Cup match Union SC won 4-2.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nothing golden about game 7

What a waste of a "golden" opportunity. Gold Coast FC went up against a struggling Montgomery County and handed them the match. Taking nothing away from our opponent, this was not the kind of result our side was expecting. The lone score came from Kyle Beckerman on Thursday! The entire Gold Coast FC lineup put up zero the rest of the way on Saturday and this resulted in a 2-1 loss. "Heads will roll. We let our fans down this week" said a Suns spokesperson. This is the 2nd 2-1 defeat Gold Coast has had this season. If these setbacks can be solved who knows how far this club can go.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Healthy roster ready to take on BSL Champs

Things are looking brighter or "golder" over here. The club seems to be growing stronger as the season continues and now the rosters health is also improved. For this week Gold Coast will have Ching and Jankauskas off the reserve side and in the starting lineup. "We are pleased with the clubs overall performance and feel we are in the right striking distance to make a run for all domestic cups" said a club spokesman. Gold Coast FC lineup for game 7.... Starters: Ching, Jankauskas, Alonso, Oduro, Beckerman, McCarty, Braun, Jewsbury, Onstad-GK. Subs: Galindo, Magee, Nyassi. Reserves: Levesque, Sealy.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ching returns to Sun's lineup


After missing several games, the #1 pick for Gold Coast FC, Brian Ching, will return on Thursday. There is no doubt that his presence will add another dimension to the club. With Ching out Gold Coast went 2-2-0.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Solid win makes Suns record even again


With the foot of Justin Braun on Wednesday night, Gold Coast FC took control of game 6 against the New York Greeks. Braun had a goal and 2 assists in the first of his two appearances for this game. Kyle Beckerman and Dax McCary rounded out the scoring and Gold Coast got the win. "We may not be as flashy as some of the other clubs in the BSL, but we are maintaining our own and have been as competitive as any one of them" said a spokesman for the Suns.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time to get level

Gold Coast has more losses than wins for the first time so this is a big game to get back level. We have much respect for the club over in New York and expect a competitive match. Starters: Alonso, Oduro, Beckerman, McCarty, Galindo, Magee, Jewsbury, Braun, Onstad-GK. Subs: Nyassi, Levesque, Sealy. Reserves: Ching, Jankauskas.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Everything - but the win

There was no doubt that to defeat St Louis the Suns were going to need to play really well. "We knew we were not going to hold them scoreless or be in some sort of low scoring dog fight. We knew we had to just slug it out with them" said the clubs manager. The game would indeed become a slug fest as both traded blows. The difference in the game was Edson Buddle. If he is not BSL MVP then something is wrong. Although Angel, DeRosario, and Ricketts might have a complaint on that. (another topic for another day) Buddle only needed to score once but that is not how Buddle does things this year. He turned a close game into a 3 point loss for the Suns. In a game where both clubs were evenly matched and fighting head to head every step of the way, he is the difference and that is why nobody has been able to beat St Louis yet. Gold Coast is now 2-3.