Chris Wondolowski: RE for 2017

The poacher is coming. That is what the GCFC manager said in a press conference after the deal was inked bringing long time rival, now brother in arms, Chris Wondolowski to the burgundy boys. Using Acquisition funds, and signing Chris as a re-entry player, the Suns were able to manuever such a deal.

Arturo Alvarez: RT for 2017

The fourth player protected by Gold Coast FC during this offseason was revealed to be Arturo Alvarez, who was signed under a retention player contract. Alvarez was a decent contributor for the Suns in 2016 and will hopefully add depth to the roster going forward.

Jozy Altidore: DP#3 for 2017

Gold Coast FC has made a trade with Union S.C. to purchase a 3rd DP slot for $25 in order to protect Jozy Altidore. The Forward played some of his best football to close out 2016 and the expectation is he will continue this trend going forward.