Monday, May 17, 2010

California Cup part deux

The best rivalry in the BSL will continue when Gold Coast FC and Union SC play one another next. Both clubs are coming off bad losses and could use the win. Right now Union SC is in third place and is holding the last playoff position. "They are where we want to be. So there is added value to our desire to defeat them" said a Suns spokesperson. In the last California Cup match Union SC won 4-2.


  1. Union S.C.5/17/2010

    I'm ready to beat you again :) LOL

  2. Gold Coast5/17/2010

    Don't count on it. My turn to return the favor.

  3. Union S.C.5/17/2010

    I expect my club to come out blazing. Nobody did squat last game so they should be ready to score against you.

  4. Gateway United5/17/2010

    He's got a point there. (Laughs)

  5. Gold Coast5/17/2010

    Based on that logic its going to be a shootout. My side only scored once so we are both due for a rebound. Just as long as I end up on top

  6. Gateway United5/17/2010

    You want to be on top. Sounds dirty. Just kidding ofcourse.

  7. Gold Coast5/17/2010

    Yes........... AND YES!!!!!!! ha -ha

  8. Union S.C.5/18/2010

    You think Ching is going to match the USMNT roster or just the 30 man?

  9. Union S.C.5/18/2010

    I think Bradley will drop him and you'll only be without him for 1 BSL game.

  10. Gold Coast5/18/2010

    Who knows what Bradley is going to do. I don't even think he knows yet. Chings absense didnt help his chances.

  11. Gold Coast5/18/2010

    To answer your question. He should go to SA but probably will not.