Sunday, May 2, 2010

Everything - but the win

There was no doubt that to defeat St Louis the Suns were going to need to play really well. "We knew we were not going to hold them scoreless or be in some sort of low scoring dog fight. We knew we had to just slug it out with them" said the clubs manager. The game would indeed become a slug fest as both traded blows. The difference in the game was Edson Buddle. If he is not BSL MVP then something is wrong. Although Angel, DeRosario, and Ricketts might have a complaint on that. (another topic for another day) Buddle only needed to score once but that is not how Buddle does things this year. He turned a close game into a 3 point loss for the Suns. In a game where both clubs were evenly matched and fighting head to head every step of the way, he is the difference and that is why nobody has been able to beat St Louis yet. Gold Coast is now 2-3.

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