Monday, February 4, 2013

Higuain Arrives!

After an active week with several trade talks commencing between an array of BSL clubs, Gold Coast FC has inked a deal to obtain Federico Higuain from Burud Town SC in exchange for a first round pick. "If he was available in the draft he would have been our pick in the first round. Higuain was the best offensive player to end the 2012 season. He exploded in the final months including August and September, when BTSC was not active in playoffs and Majors Cup fixtures, as well as October, when the BSL schedule had concluded . Gold Coast FC is officially making Higuain the clubs 2nd Designated Player.


  1. Too low. Second round at least.

  2. Gold Coast2/05/2013

    There is a player I have that I would keep, but I don;t this he's worth a 2nd round value. I'll meet you half way, and offer my 3rd round pick.

  3. Alamo City2/14/2013

    You interested in another DP slot?

  4. Gold Coast2/14/2013

    Only if I can get one for a 4th round pick