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Frings is Labeled a DP

Gold Coast FC announced today that the club will exercise a 1 year extension on Torsten Frings to play for the club under the Designated Player tag for 2013. Out with injury to close out 2012, The versatile German has been a consummate professional since signing up at BMO Field back in the summer of 2011. One of the team’s best acquisitions, he is probably the top all-around talent to perform along Exhibition Place.
Even well into his 30s, Frings has a game that remains blessed with a healthy balance of skill, bite, drive and savvy.

Gold Coast FC intends on trading away its other DP slot. Any offers will be seriously considered.


  1. Rose City1/19/2013

    Any chance you'd trade for one of your draft slots? I'm after first or second round most likely but I'd entertain offers. Take a look at my roster and let me know. You might find another DP you want after all.

  2. Gold Coast1/20/2013

    Thanks, but I want to keep those draft picks.

  3. Would you be interested in a 3rd round draft pick for your open DP slot?

  4. Gold Coast2/02/2013

    Its a fair offer, but I am waiting to hear if a few players might be traded. If I get the trades, then I'll need the DP slot. But, if I can't get a trade done, then I'd be okay with it as an option if no trades are made.

  5. I see Higuain as a legitimate 1st Rd talent based on his production last season who i could easily make one of my DPs... would probably take a 1st rounder to pry him from me

  6. Anonymous2/03/2013

    Di Vaio is an option for me, but we'd need your first round pick. That's essentially how I feel about Di Vaio.

  7. Rose City2/03/2013

    Whoops. That last comment was me.

  8. Gold Coast2/04/2013

    Well since you both want a 1st round pick for your players, I choose Higuain.

  9. Rose City2/04/2013

    That's a decent enough decision. I don't blame you in the least. I'm just in a hard place for my third DP selection if I let Di Vaio go. You understand.

  10. I'm down if you are.

  11. Gold Coast2/04/2013



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