Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ching's Departure Gives Full Slate Of Picks

The last DP slot has been traded. Gold Coast Football Club has agreed to give up Brian Ching to upstart Alliance Football Club in exchange for its first round draft pick which looks like its going to be #7. "Its not the lowest draft pick in the 1st round that we wanted, but Alamo City is doubtful to give up the #1 pick and recently has made its announcements , Union SC is maxed out with 3 after the first trade, Burud Town is keeping quiet (as usual). That left the CD Gunners and Gateway United. The Gunners had expressed a possible interest but confirmed the club was staying at 2 DP's. Gateway passed on the proposal as well. This was the best option available." said a Suns Spokesperson. So unofficially it looks like Gold Coast will pick 4th, 6th, and 7th in the first round.


  1. Chancellor1/14/2011

    How about another trade. Kyle Beckerman, but for a low draft pick.

  2. what type of pick would you expect for justin braun?

  3. Gold Coast1/14/2011

    You can have him for a very late round pick. I don't expect much from him in 2011.