Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Interesting Offer

It is indeed becoming an interesting off season. When Gold Coast F.C. made it public that it was interested in trading away its DP's available, it was assumed that one of the BSL superclubs would be knocking on the door for a trade. The first knock was Union S.C. and it really came as no surprise. The league's main site brought out that perhaps the C.D. Gunners will propose an offer for the Suns other DP. Again, no surprise if the Gunners wish to go that route. What is an unexpected surprise is the expansion Alliance F.C. is offering its first round pick for a player already on the Gold Coast roster in Brian Ching. "I never thought this discussion would be coming up but it is an option. Alliance won't have the best position in the first round but its still a first round pick." said a Suns spokesperson. Gold Coast will have to evaluate the prospect. Ching is a very good player but he did very little for the club in 2010 and the gameplan remains to stockpile a new look with 2 extra first round picks. What to do?

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  1. Does it let you know if I reply to a comment you leave on a different blog? I responded to your message on my blog but didn't think that you might not even see it.

    Anyway, go ahead with your trade. I'm not interested in trading my pick.