Friday, July 30, 2010

Nothing Friendly About This Weekend

A lot is riding on this next match against Burud Town. Both clubs are fighting to reach the playoffs and could use the 3 points. Both rosters have made adjustments. While Burud Town has been gobbling up international stars, the Suns have stayed in the U.S. to grab free agents. Starters: Ching, Garey, Beckerman, Mista, Kandji, Braun, McCarty, Alsonso. Goal Keeper: Hartman. Subs: Jewsbury, Gavin, Ubiparipovic. Reserves: Auvray, Noonan.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sun's Have Scoreless Friendly

On a warm day the friendly between Gold Coast FC and CF Pachuca saw both clubs offer very few chances in a scoreless draw. "What can you say, both clubs did not have the best of games. The atmosphere was great, but no one was able to get a score." said a Suns spokesperson. There were two yellow cards in the match. Pachuca's Arreloa and Gold Coast' Alonso. On a bright note, newly signed Kandji had a goal and an assist in a practice scrimmage this weekend.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Looking to Fill the Holes

Suns Sign Kandji
The Gold Coast Football Club has decided to take a different route in its pursuit to stay competitive in the BSL. The price for talent is more than the Suns have been able to afford. This does not mean ownership is not still looking to improve. In a most recent move, the club has signed Macoumba Kandji to a short term deal.
"There is talent out there and its not always going to come from overseas." said a Suns spokesperson.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shorthanded Squad Earns Tie

There is a saying that you need players to win games. For the match against New York, the Suns just didn't have the players. Thanks to Superliga, a ton of the clubs players were not available and it showed on the pitch. The result was the first tie in club history for Gold Coast. The tie puts the Suns 2 points out from a playoff seed.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Take No Game Lightly

Next up on the schedule is the failed NY Greek club. The owner has jumped ship most likely because of a very bad start. The only headline this club has ever made was the shocking 2-0 defeat of the Cure. Its because of this upset that you can never write off this club on the schedule. "You still have to go out and play to the best of your abilities and make sure you grab the full 3 points." said a Suns spokesperson. Starters: McCarty, Ubiparipovic, Garey, Auvray, Noonan, Jewsbury, Alonso, Simms. Goal Keeper: Hartman. Subs: Martinez, Ching, Braun. Reserves: Beckerman, Onstad

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Suns Announce Friendly Against CF Pachuca

Gold Coast FC has announced a friendly match against Mexican Primera Division, CF Pachuca on July 22-25. With no BSL match scheduled for that weekend the opportunity was open to add this game in. "Gold Coast is always looking forward to a little competition and will enjoy seeing what transpires against Pachuca. Our club will not be at full strength and will be missing some players, but it should be fun anyways. Let's play!" said a Suns spokesperson.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Taking Care Of Business

In a game the Suns had to win, the club got the job done. Thanks to a couple of beautiful goals by Justin Braun and a clean sheet by Pat Onstad, the Suns defeated Montgomery County 3-1 and moved to within 2 points of the playoffs. The club is also the leader in Majors Cup qualifiers. "It was a good week and a good result." said the coach.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lucky #13????

A lot is riding on the next match against Montgomery County. "The last thing the club wants is to fall any further behind." said a Suns spokeperson. Starters: Ching, Braun, Galindo, Ubiparipovic, McCarty, Noonan, Jewsbury, Cruz. Goal Keeper: Onstad. Subs: Oduro, Stammler, Alonso. Reserves: Beckerman, Martinez

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Suns Sign "Mista" to 1 Year Deal

The Gold Coast Football Club is proud to announce a major signing for its fans. Arriving to the Suns once the transfer window opens up is Miguel Angel Ferrer Martinez. Also known as "Mista". The 31 year old will be a welcomed added striker to the Gold Coast roster and is expected to see his first action on July 17th against the New York Greeks. He will miss the match against Montgomery County this weekend. "This is a great signing for the club. Being in Sacramento, California and one of only 2 West Coast clubs in the BSL, it has been very difficult to entice big name free agents to come out West. The East Coast has been using their three hours to their advantage. We are eager to have Mista play in the States." said the Suns Owner.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Suns Fall Victim to Cure again


The game this weekend did not go according to plan. The Gold Coast players only managed to score 2 points (a Brian Ching goal and a Ubiparipovic assist) in response to the BSL's most prolific offense. "It is just not enough against that club. This could have been our statement game and instead it puts the club in the rears again." said a Suns spokesperson. The club had to play catch up from the get go and even the mistake of wasting a score on the bench. "As the match got deeper and deeper it became a factor. The Cure had obtained a yellow card earlier and the hope of another was intriguing. However, no other cards came and to be honest we should have scored more anyway and not been so reliant on the ref to pull out another card" said the Suns coach. Gold Coast FC is now 5-7-0 on the season and 0-2-0 against the Cure. The Suns are more importantly 5 points out of third place and also looking from behind in the Majors Cup sitting in fifth place.