Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Suns Sign "Mista" to 1 Year Deal

The Gold Coast Football Club is proud to announce a major signing for its fans. Arriving to the Suns once the transfer window opens up is Miguel Angel Ferrer Martinez. Also known as "Mista". The 31 year old will be a welcomed added striker to the Gold Coast roster and is expected to see his first action on July 17th against the New York Greeks. He will miss the match against Montgomery County this weekend. "This is a great signing for the club. Being in Sacramento, California and one of only 2 West Coast clubs in the BSL, it has been very difficult to entice big name free agents to come out West. The East Coast has been using their three hours to their advantage. We are eager to have Mista play in the States." said the Suns Owner.

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