Saturday, February 7, 2015

Suns Drop Lampard; Acquire Nagbe

The Gold Coast Football Club revealed in a press conference it has completed a trade with Gateway United to obtain the rights to Darlington Nagbe who has been signed as the clubs 2nd DP for 2015.
Of course the Suns already had 2 DP's for 2015. After much speculation, GCFC has decided not to hold Frank Lampard's contract. "It was a tough decision since the club spent good money ($35) to acquire Lampard in 2014. His decision to stay in England until July was a real blow." said a Suns spokesperson.
The trade with Gateway United gives the Suns two things to fix the Lampard mess. First, its gives the club its old investment back, picking up $35 from the Saints to go with the rights to Nagbe for one of our free DP slots. After the trade, GCFC informed the league it will purchase a 3rd DP slot (which is actually our 2nd player signing now) to sign Nagbe in 2015 at the league asking price of $55. "All in all its a loss of $20 dollars for Lampard. Its as good a fix as possible."

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