Thursday, August 14, 2014

Season Finale and Offseason Expectations

Unfortunately Gold Coast F.C. fans, the last fixture of the season is upon us.

"The offseason is going to start earlier than I had wanted, but steps have already been taken to improve." said the Suns General Manager and Owner.

"It been national news the club has signed Frank Lampard and Matias Perez Garcia to DP contracts. A third DP is a guarantee as well." DP's alone will not be enough. However its a start and ultimately as strong foundation to help in the pursuit of more wins.

The starting eleven for the season finale: M.P.Garcia : Blas Perez(C) : Finlay : Davies : Zakunai : Gilberto : Castillo : Clark : Barrerra : Koffie : Ricketts(GK). Subs - B.Garcia : Hill : Villafana. Reserve - Lampard. 

Gold Coast F.C. would like to thank the league office for another great season.

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  1. If you want to talk about a third DP slot, let me know. Email