Friday, August 2, 2013

Qualification Is At Stake!

Gold Coast vs Capital District
8/3 - Week 21

The Suns travel to the the East Coast to face off against the perfect opponent. Capital District is one of the many clubs fighting to a ticket into the Majors Cup. A full 3 points this weekend, and the regular season finale is going to be like a playoff game. All time, the Gold Coast has not faired well against this opponent losing 6 of 9 meetings. One of those defeats was the 2011 BSL Championship Game.

Gold Coast has announced the release of Matt Besler and Justin Bruan.  Joining the club is Nick LaBrocca(COL) who will suit up this week, and Juninho(LA) who is planned to start for the Suns in the finale.
Starting XI
Casey : Beckerman : Findley : R.Clark
Duka : Chara : Alas : LaBrocca
Osorio : Lindpere : Ricketts
Arnaud : Zimmerman: Juninho

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