Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gold Coast vs Gateway United

Losing 4-2 against Union SC has left camp a little unsettled. "It's tough to lose certain games, and that was one of them" said the coach. But, there is still a 2nd leg to play. This week the Suns have to get organized and prepare for the ever troubling Gateway United. "This club has had our number." Also beginning is Majors Cup qualifying. The Suns have in the past been outspoken about how important the Majors Cup is to the club. That sentiment still remains. "Its a priority to qualify and win that cup..period" 
Gold Coast FC has requested the released of Attakora for the signing of Justin Braun(Tor)

Starting XI
Beckerman : Besler : R.Clark : Braun
Jewsbury : Hertzog : Casey : Chara
Arnaud : Villafana : Ricketts
McDonald : Findley : Segares

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