Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Suns Forced to Change Style of Play

Week 2
Gold Coast 1
Alamo City 4
The Suns dropped to 0-2 on the season and next up will be an interesting match up against another 0-2 club, Gateway United. When the manager was asked if he could have predicted that both clubs would be entering this match without a win the answer was spirited. "No way! 3 points will be at a premium this week"
The Suns are releasing a whole assortment of players in preparation for week 3. "Look the season hasn't gone as planned. Key players have been lost and rebuilding is needed. The transfer market is completely out of the budget, so finding suitable forwards is not in the cards. The club is looking at a new strategy. The Suns plan to follow a sort of counter attacking style by signing 4 defenders in the hopes they will benefit from opposing forwards goals. The Suns will be picking up Alain Rochat(VAN), Heath Pearce(NY). James Riley(DC), Kenny Mansally(RSL) and releasing Frings, Zizzo, Lambe and Pause from the roster.


  1. Commish3/12/2013

    Transactions approved.

  2. Rose City3/12/2013

    Heads up. I sent an email to the commish. I've had Harrington on my roster since the draft. I'm sure you just both overlooked it. Wanted to keep you in the loop.

  3. Gold Coast3/12/2013

    Sorry, didn't see him. I'll take Heath Pearce(NY) instead.

  4. Commish3/12/2013

    Fixed. I missed him too.