Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3 For 1 Trade Complete

The Gold Coast Football Club may be win-less in 2013, but it not for a lack of trying. A week after making 5 changes to the roster, the Suns brass is at it again with a blockbuster trade with Gateway United. A 3 for 1 swap with the Suns getting Juan Agudelo, Conor Casey and a much needed back-up for Matt Reis in Donovan Ricketts for Higuain. "Parting with Higuain was not easy, but the stats are this club needs to diversify. Last week adding defenders was a start, but it was not enough. This week adding the other components was needed as well." said a Suns spokesperson.
In order to make roster space, Gold Coast was forced to release Alain Rochat and Kenny Mansally.

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  1. Commish3/19/2013

    Your roster has been updated regarding the trade.