Monday, June 25, 2012

Gold Coast Lets Win Slip Away

Week 14: Gold Coast 3 Capital District 3
Recap: Capital District

After changing up the lineup with 3 fresh faces, the Suns held firm for most of the match against the BSL champions until late Sunday when Maicon Santos closed the week off with an equalizer. "The reaction was somber as the mission was 3 points. However, it was nice to see Bernier score in his debut" said the team manager.

PREVIEW: BSL Week 15/ MCQ Week 4

Next: Alamo City SC

There will be no rest and no time to dwell on the result. The Suns will now have to regroup and play the first place Alamo City Battle, winners of 4 straight. In preparation, the Suns have signed Cesar Romero who will suite up for this match. Its never a good sign when a club picks up 4 new players in the span of 2 weeks, but time is short and results are needed sooner rather than later.

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