Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Preview: Week 5

Now the season really starts to heat up. The Suns need to start stringing together wins in order to get back to the BSL Cup Final. There is no time better than this week. Union SC has been giving up points by the bundle and the Suns will gladly take the points wherever they come. "Time to put the dagger deeper into the heart of Union SC!!!" The roster is thin at the moment. Zakuani is still gettin his legs and Frings is weeks away from returning. Mwanga will be on the bench as well for this match. The first leg of the California Cup is next! LINEUP: LINDPERE, LARENTOWICZ, TIANIO, CUMMINGS, SALINAS, ALEXANDER, JACOBSON, TIERNEY, REIS SUBS: ZAKUANI, MWANGA, FRINGS.


  1. Would you be able to do a straight swap, Nyarko for Lindpere or Cummings? I might be able to make one of those work if I can make another trade. Lemme know.

  2. Gold Coast4/07/2012

    I'll give it some thought

  3. Would you mind responding on my page? I have a few offers out and I'm losing track of which comment threads to check. Thanks.