Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Will They Do?

After all the groundwork was laid it is always inevitable that the draft process is going to have its bumps in the road. Several players on the wish list were taken by other clubs. Still, overall some of the players filling the roster have potential. Steve Zakuani could be a real factor, assuming he is the same player he was before his injury. Danny Mwanga has plenty of talent and with LeToux gone in Philly, he might have to be more aggressive.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Early part of the schedule

The beginning of the BSL Schedule will be no easy task for Gold Coast in 2012. The first three opponents were the three other playoff clubs last year. "It comes with the territory of success and we look forward to playing well from the get go." said a Suns spokesperson.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No Attachments Before the Draft

Gold Coast FC picked up another draft pick trading away Alejandro Moreno to the Flyers. "I cannot say it enough times. This is how this club operates and will always operate. Regardless of outcome, successful season or unsuccessful season, the Suns will always rely on the draft. No attachments to players. We'll leave the Designated Players to the other BSL clubs. Lindpere was traded for and only has the tagline by default." said a Suns spokesperson. When asked about the schedule it was all smiles to be playing the CD Gunners in week 1. "Its hard to forget losing a championship match."

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's out with the OLD players, in with the draft

If you have been follwing the news in the off season then you know that draft pick options are pretty good for this season. The Gold Coast Football Club had no intentions of keeping 2 Designated Players this season. "It's just not how the operations here are run. Never get attached and never sit still. Re-invent and make good picks." said the Suns owner. There was an offer with the Alliance club, but when a first round pick was taken off the table other avenues had to be taken. "We wanted another first rounder. Plain and simple." Gold Coast picked up Joel Lindpere also and will keep him for a DP. "He is an ironhorse and never misses games. That is extremely important to this club."