Sunday, June 12, 2011

Suns Silenced On and Off The Field

Capital District 2 Gold Coast 0

The owner for the Gold Coast Football Club was head to toes excited this weekend with the match up pinning his 7-2-2 club against the other 7-2-2 club in the BSL..... Cap District. The excitement during the weekend was at maximum capacity when Omar Bravo got to play in the first home game of the year for Sporting KC. Bravo's horrible ball control was the start of a horrible game for the Gold Coast and the Suns faithful went home humiliated. "There are too many names to blame." said a Suns spokesperson. The boss made 2 recent player moves that he swares is of no relation to the defeat. Released was Palmer and Kandji. Signed was Zusi and Cameron who will be ready in week 14. "These changes are not a sign of panic or an angry response to the recent match. The Suns are in a race for the Honors Trophy and are taking the appropiate steps. There will be no questions allowed by the press."

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