Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reis Is In

The Gold Coast faithful want an answer. Why Matt Reis again. True his best years are behind him and true he will play for a Revolution club that isn't expected to contend this year. Well he still should have some gas in the tank and one has to think that the Revs are going to take some shots and Reis will have to save those shots. Plus he should be good for a handuful of shutouts. He always is. Have no fear Gold Coast faithful, if Reis is not the man for the job, he will be replaced with a keeper who is. But, he has the job again as the Suns keeper for the start of the season.


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  2. The Partnership acknowledge your interest in Dominic Oduro and are currently engaging in internal discusions. FYI: the player we are most interested in is Kenny Cooper. So making this into a larger deal involving him is probably the best chance to get anything done at this point in the season.

  3. Gold Coast3/05/2011

    I am okay with a multiple player deal. I am also open to a possible multi team deal.