Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Picking Men Not Boys

The press conference held March 1st was filled with reporters as three more additions were announced to the roster of the Gold Coast Football Club. The excitement was in the air as the questions came pooring in. One reporter asked what the expectations are for the season. Beckham answered that until a full roster was intact such questions would have to wait, but did mumble the men sitting next to him might think differently. Another reporter asked if age was going to be a factor. Cunningham replied that he didn't sign on to sit on the sidelines. The best comment of the day came from the Suns owner who was quoted as saying "I'm guessing we might have to give Union S.C. a free point in the score sheet just to make it fair. They're drafting toddlers compared to us" More to come as the draft continues.


  1. Union SC3/01/2011

    There will be no pity when you get wasted by huge proportions. The Cal Cup stays with me.

  2. My only worry is, as an assist man, he is largely dependent on the rest of the Fire attack, who are pretty iffy right now.

    You did pretty well yourself there, with your wealth of first round picks. A little surprised by the Beckham pick so early though.