Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Battle of Game 1 Winners

The Basics
Gold Coast (1-0-0, 3 Points, 1st place)
Seattle Sounders (1-0-0, 3 points, 2nd place)
Both the Suns and Sounders won game 1 of the Majors Cup. The winner of this match will have a clear path to the SemI Finals.
On Field
Starters: Ching, Garey, Beckerman, Oduro, Kandji, Braun, Mista, Jewsbury.
Goal Keeper: Reis.
Subs: Alonso, McCarty, Gavin.
Reserves: Ubiparipovic, Pontius.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Suns Open Majors Cup With Win

The first game of the Majors Cup saw the Gold Coast Football Club perform beautifully. Four different players on the roster scored to defeat the New York Red Bulls. The win puts the Suns on top of their group in the 3 game stage. After taking a 2-0 lead, the Red Bulls took the lead after their game completed. It could have been much worse as the Red Bulls had ample opportunities to score even more goals. Saturday, the Suns scored twice for the win.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Taking No Bull

The Basics
Gold Coast (0-0-0, 0 points, - place)
N.Y.RedBulls(0-0-0, 0 points, - place)
The Suns narrowly missed the BSL playoffs.
Now its time to show everyone that this club can indeed win a title in 2010.
On Field
Starters: Ching, Garey, Beckerman, Oduro, Kandji, Braun, Mista, Ubiparipovic. Goal Keeper: Reis.
Subs: Alonso, Jewsbury, Pontius.
Reserves: McCarty, Gavin

Monday, September 20, 2010

Preparing for the Majors Cup

After a 2 week break for the BSL playoffs, the Gold Coast Football Club is back to business for the Majors Cup. "The year is not over yet. There is still more hardware to be won." said a Suns spokesperson. It will not be easy. First the Suns will have to contend with the New York RedBulls. The Suns goal keeper Kevin Hartman will be sidelined for 3 weeks and will have to be replaced as well.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Suns Get Result - Stags Steal Playoff Spot

The result was there and everything was looking good until Burud Town came back to defeat Montgomery County. The Gold Coast Football Club was already making arrangements for a California Cup Semi Final. It was going to be huge. Then the scoreboard started changing and the Stags came back to take the lead and take the final playoff spot. There would be no playoffs for the Gold Coast. There is still a chance for a championship though. Majors Cup will start after the playoffs and the Suns look forward to winning it. The Suns will play St.Louis(BSL), Seattle(MLS) and NYRB(MLS) in the competition.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Win or Eliminated

The Basics
Gold Coast (8-9-2, 26 points, 4th place)
Capital District (7-7-5, 26 points, 5th place)
Since Gold Coast holds the tiebreaker with more wins on the season than several BSL opponents, the club feels confident that with a win this week a playoff game will be in the future. The Suns just need to find a way to win.
On Field
Starters: Ching, Braun, Ubiparipovic, Alonso, Jewsbury, Beckerman, McCarty, Pontius. Goal Keeper: Hartman. Subs: Garey, Gavin, Kandji. Reserves: Linch, Mista