Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(S)Ain't Nothing But a Hot Streak

The Basics
Gold Coast (7-8-1, 22 points, 3rd place)
Gateway United (5-6-5, 20 points, 6th place)
Several clubs are after what the Gold Coast Football Club currently owns. That's 3rd place. Tonight starts an interesting match against one of those clubs, Gateway United. This is a cocky bunch that has become hot in recent weeks and it is up to the Suns to cool this club down. "We don't want to let them get any closer than they already are. A win will knock them possibly out for good and solidify our position. The reports out of their camp is they are going to kick us down in not so many nice words. Game on!" said the Suns spokesperson.
On Field
Starters: Ching, Braun, Beckerman, Alonso, Mista, McCarty, Ubiparipovic, Jewsbury. Goal Keeper: Hartman. Subs: Kandji, Garey, Pontius. Reserves: Linch, Gavin.

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