Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Whole New Outlook Against St Louis

More changes were made by the Gold Coast Football Club in preparation of the match against St Louis. Sealy and Jankauskas have been scratched for Simms and Cruz. "We just want to get a more healthy roster as we head towards these all important games. It is going to take a strong effort to defeat St Louis but as we have seen it is not impossible to defeat that club" said a Suns spokesperson. The Suns put up a good fight against St Louis the last time and perhaps now that there is a kink in the armor this is a great opportunity to pull out a win. "They are beatable" Starters: Ching, Oduro, Galindo, Braun, Ubiparipovic, McCarty, Noonan, Jewsbury. Goal Keeper: Onstad. Subs: Cruz, Stammler, Simms. Reserves: Beckerman, Alonso

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