Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sun's sign Sealy

Gold Coast F.C. is pleased to announce the signing of Scott Sealy. The 28 year old is expected to suit up in time for April 10th match according to the San Jose Mercury News. Sealy played 14 games in the second half of 2008 in the MLS where he had 3 goals and 3 assists. The scheduled roster for game 2 is as follows: Starters/Alvarez, Beckerman, McCarty, Lenhart, Jewsbury, Alonso, Oduro, Sealy, and Onstad-GK. Subs/Levesque, Mayen, Magee. Reserves/ Cannon, Ching.

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  1. Trade?

    Lenhart and Magee for O'Brian White and Auvray?