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Mission: Accomplished!!!!

The Gold Coast Football Club came in as underdogs and left as winners. With our best performance to date the Suns captured their 2nd win of the season by a 4-1 score. "We like the balance that we showed this week and hope to have gained a lot more respect with this result" a club spokesman said. The game plan was simple, to get over the 2 point threshold we had been stuck at and hold down the Burud Town offense below 4 points. Mission accomplished on both fronts. The roster performed and Burud Town went well below their average. Dax McCarty scored the game winner. Gold Coast F.C. is now in 3rd place and will have a few days to prepare for Capital District.


  1. Congrats on your win last week.

    Peter Lowry or O'Brian White for Magee?

  2. NYGreeks Get:
    Joe Cannon
    Eddie Gaven
    Chukwudi Chijindu

    Burud Gets:
    Alejandro Moreno
    Mike Magee
    Steven Lenhart

    Gold Coast Gets:
    Nick Rimando
    Atiba Harris or Santino Quaranta
    Danny Allsopp

  3. Gold Coast4/21/2010

    I don't need a Nick Rimando. I want to go with just one keeper in my lineup thanks.


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