Monday, March 29, 2010

No.Cal verses So.Cal- The countdown is on

The countdown has begun until the first match of the California Cup commences. The Suns are extremely pumped and ready now that the seasons first win is out of the way. The guantlet is out to its neighbors down south and with an extra weekend to prepare both sides should be ready to do battle. "This could become the biggest rivalry in the league" A win over Union S.C. would give us a 6 point edge in the standings and really send shockwaves to the Union and truly give them a reason to be blue. Also in the news is the signing of Dominic Oduro to the roster. The forward played several minutes on Saturday and ownership was impressed with his speed and fitness. "He was very aggressive attacking in the box and we see great upside potential in him." Oduro replaces Dave Van den bergh on the roster.


  1. Union S.C.3/29/2010

    No way I'm losing. Going down 0-2-0 is not an option. I'm putting up the league high in 2 weeks. Watch for it. 6 maybe 7 points. "Nobody puts baby in the corner"

  2. Gold Coast3/29/2010

    I'm here. I'm waiting. Bring it.

  3. Union S.C.3/29/2010

    I will bring the rain. There is a storm coming.

  4. Union S.C.3/29/2010

    You hear that............. listen for it.................its the sound of thunder...........

  5. Gold Coast3/29/2010

    The only water coming from you is going to be tears. Otherwise it will be the same ol' drought. Start singing those blues.