Thursday, February 18, 2010

California Cup heats up quickly

The club has an empty roster and has yet to play a match and already Gold Coast FC is making waves and making rivals. The guantlet was thrown to the neighbors of the west and Union SC has answered. The California Cup might not mean anything to the rest of the Bigtime Soccer League and that is okay. It will mean something to us. It will mean bragging rights.


  1. Gateway United2/20/2010

    I think it is very wise of you to give up the notion of defeating me in the first game and to move on and focus on UnionSC

  2. Gold Coast2/21/2010

    funny i thought you were just going to forefeit the match and give me the points

  3. Montgomery County2/24/2010

    Ha HA ! I love the competitiveness already ! Good show. Glad you like the kit GC :)

    Here's to a fun season.