Monday, August 30, 2010

Braun Saves the Day!

Justin Braun's goal saved the game and possibly the season. It was looking bleak trailing Montgomery into the late stages of the game, but his goal earned the club a tie. The Suns can still make the playoffs. Game 20 against the Gunners will determine the future.

Friday, August 27, 2010

This One is Really Big

The Basics
Gold Coast (8-9-1, 25 points, 2nd place)
Montgomery (7-8-3, 24 points, 5th place)
This is the biggest game in the short history of the Suns. A win could clinch the playoffs. It is also a huge challenge as the Monarchs are stacked from top to bottom.
On Field
Starters: Ching, Braun, Kandji, Mista, Alonso, Garey, Gavin, Beckerman. Goal Keeper: Hartman. Subs: McCarty, Ubiparipovic, Linch. Reserves: Pontius, Jewsbury.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Suns Demolish New York 6-0!

It was a glorious win! The most points scored this season infact! They say when things look bleak you are only closer to greatness. Well, the offense found the back of the net after a rough spell and the Gold Coast Football Club took its aggravation out on New York 6-0. "This was just the kind of win that the club needed. Its the kind of win that puts the club back in a position to make both the playoffs and the Majors Cup." said a Suns spokesperson. Three cheers goes to Brian Ching for his three goals.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Searching for Points

The Basics
Gold Coast (7-9-1, 22 points, 4th place)
New York (3-9-5, 14 points, 8th place)
A bonus has been issued to any player who can get Gold Coast F.C. out of its slump and score some points. The time for a win is now. The Greeks just pulled off another upset last week so this is no gimme match. Beckerman and Alonso will not be available for this match
On Field
Starters: Ching, Braun, Kandji, Mista, Jewsbury, Garey, Gavin, Pontius. Goal Keeper: Hartman. Subs: McCarty, Ubiparipovic, Linch. Reserves: Alonso, Beckerman

Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Goose Egg

What a bad time to go into a slump. The offense is M.I.A. Help! For the 2nd game in a row the Gold Coast Football Club was shut out! The recent loss to Gateway United really hurts too falling out of playoff contention. The one chance at actually scoring a point came from Kevin Hartman and then he gave up an own goal. That about sums up current momentum surrounding the club at the current moment. "Its real simple. The club needs to regroup and get a win next week. Its a 6 horse race for 2 spots." said a Suns spokesperson.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(S)Ain't Nothing But a Hot Streak

The Basics
Gold Coast (7-8-1, 22 points, 3rd place)
Gateway United (5-6-5, 20 points, 6th place)
Several clubs are after what the Gold Coast Football Club currently owns. That's 3rd place. Tonight starts an interesting match against one of those clubs, Gateway United. This is a cocky bunch that has become hot in recent weeks and it is up to the Suns to cool this club down. "We don't want to let them get any closer than they already are. A win will knock them possibly out for good and solidify our position. The reports out of their camp is they are going to kick us down in not so many nice words. Game on!" said the Suns spokesperson.
On Field
Starters: Ching, Braun, Beckerman, Alonso, Mista, McCarty, Ubiparipovic, Jewsbury. Goal Keeper: Hartman. Subs: Kandji, Garey, Pontius. Reserves: Linch, Gavin.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Suns Lose to St.Louis......Again

It was an all out terrible game for the Gold Coast Football Club this weekend. An official opology has been made to all the fans. "We just didn't play well. We had a chance to show the league we are for real and can compete with a club that has already made the playoffs and just embarrassed ourselves. This was a sort of playoff test and we failed the test." said a Suns spokesperson. The Suns had several chances in this game. Kandji was the biggest disappointment as he had 4 excellent opportunities to score and could not finish.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Staying on Target?

The Basics
Gold Coast (7-7-1, 22 Points, 3rd place) vs
St.Louis(12-1-2, 38 Points, 1st place)
To be the best you have to beat the best. Now that Gold Coast is in position to make the playoffs, the next step is to keep winning no matter who the opponent is. "This is a challenge for our players and hopefully the result is another win to our season." said a Suns spokesperson.
On Field
Starters: Ching, Braun, Garey, Kandji, Beckerman, Alonso, Mista, McCarty. Goal Keeper: Hartman. Subs: Pontius, Gavin, Ubiparipovic. Reserves: Linch, Jewbury.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Gold Rush is On!

The Suns overcame an 0-2 scoring deficit to defeat Burud Town 3-2 in game 15 of the BSL schedule. "This was a huge win for the club. It was a character builder and really shows the rest of the league what is right about this side of the pitch" said a Suns spokesperson. The Suns are now in third place in the BSL and currently possess the last playoff spot. The remainder of the schedule will not be easy. The race is on to catch the Gold Coast now. In other news the Suns continue to strengthen the roster adding Roberto Linch and Chris Pontius.